Skate Waco

Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey is a fast-paced, skill-oriented game that features lots of passing and high-scoring games. Scores of 9-8, 8-6, etc., are common - regardless of skill level!

Games are played with no offside, no icing and no bodychecking, placing an emphasis on a player's puck-handling skills and the ability to play as a team. Wide open, end-to-end hockey creates a fun and less structured hockey environment where your skill and creativity can develop naturally.

Games are played 4-on-4 giving you LOTS of room to DANGLE!

Adult pickup is played on Wed 7-9pm and costs $5. Goalies play free.

Contact Barbara Lucas for questions at 254-722-7500 for more information.


Speed Skating

Few sports can match the head-to-head excitement of speed skating. It's a sport everyone can readily understand - racing - where the gold medals and trophies go to those who skate the fastest.

It's fun, exciting, healthy, social and rewarding. The benefits, however, go beyond winning. Skaters learn the importance of teamwork, of being persistent and organized, and of setting and reaching goals. It builds strength and discipline, while teaching the value good sportsmanship.

For more information about how to begin competing, or about our certified instruction by proven winners in the sport of inline speed skating, please contact Barbara Lucas at 254-722-7500.

Class includes instruction on basic fundamentals of racing. Best if skater can skate forward comfortably.

Practices are:


4:45 PM to 6:00PM at SKATE WORLD


5:00 PM to 7:00PM at SKATE COUNTRY


4:45 PM to 6:00PM at SKATE WORLD


11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at SKATE COUNTRY

Club Speed Skaters in good standing may also skate free each open session at either World or Country.

This does not include special events or Lock-Ins.

Some speed skates of various sizes available for use on a first come, first serve basis.

Congratulations to our Waco Team Winners!

Kyndal Dyrk 1st Place Overall Sophomore Nov Div 2015 Oma Dawn 2nd Place Overall Senior Novice Division 2010 Joseph Gonzales 2nd Place Overall Junior Novice Division 2010 Joseph Gonzales National Record in 500m Novice Division 2010



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Coaches: Charlie Lucas & Michael Johnson

Congratulations to our Waco Inside Edge Racing Team Winners!

Kyndal Dyrk 1st Place Overall Sophomore Nov Div 2015 Oma Dawn 2nd Place Overall Senior Novice Division 2010 Joseph Gonzales 2nd Place Overall Junior Novice Division 2010 Joseph Gonzales National Record in 500m Novice Division 2010




Gypsy, only daughter of Skate Waco owner, Charlie Lucas, started competing in Figure and Speed Skating when she was a toddler. She is a third generation roller skater.  Gypsy has competed in international competitions for speed skating and had the honor of being Team USA Inline Speed Skating Coach 4 times. Gypsy was also asked to teach the original Texas Bad Girl Good Women skaters how to skate and referee the first ever modern roller derby game in 2003 in Austin.


Gypsy left the world of skating for about 5 years and moved to the Caribbean. She worked in the casino industry, sat at the beach on days off, met her husband, and lived "the" life! Gypsy and her husband moved to NYC in 2011 and she joined the Gotham Girls Rec League. Having never actually played roller derby it was super interesting to show up knowing how to skate. Gypsy was asked a lot, “Who did you play for?”. She remembers Violet Knockout punching her in the arm when Gypsy said she had never played before. Gypsy tried out for Gotham and made the Fresh Meat pool but a week before the draft she injured her knee and had to have some massive surgery. When she came back, she asked if she could join the coaching staff. Gypsy was voted in and helped revamp the Rec League program to the awesomeness it is today. Something we think Gypsy should be pretty proud of!

Gypsy started working for Atom Skates in 2012 and was able to travel to derby events all over the country. She has seen some of the best derby there is while educating skaters on equipment and coaching boot camps. Her motto is, ” The better skater you are the better derby player you will be!” It is an awesome experience to be a part of derby on any level. The skaters participating are a great breed and she loves teaching the new skaters skills they can use in the future.

In 2012, Gypsy opened her own business called The Skate Truck, NYC. It is a mobil rental roller skating company that rents skates in the parks of NYC, host school skating events, and private skating events all over the city. When she moved to NYC, she was sick that it took her 2 hours by public transportation to get to the nearest skating rink. Gypsy wondered how the kids are learning to skate. So she brought the skates to them. The Skate Truck NYC school events focused on teaching the youth how to roller skate and direct them to the nearest outlet for speed skating, figure skating, or derby. It is an amazing venture!

Her business motto is Skate for fun! Skate for health! Skate for Life! We cannot think of a better way to live.